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MOR-CAL® is a high quality calcium oxide dispersion. It is designed for the rubber, plastic and polymer processing industries and covers a wide range of end-markets. The controlled particle size, efficient absorption properties and slow reactivity results in optimum moisture control for demanding applications. The product generally uses a naphthenic oil binder to provide a flowable, dustless, long lasting powder.

Whether you are trying to solve a problem in your process or your current solution isn’t working, we can help.

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With Nearly 50 years of experience producing MOR-CAL®, we know you need flexibilility to keep up with ever changing demand. We offer a wide range of activity levels, custumizable binders and packaging to fit your specfications. From 3,000lb (1,360kg) supersacks, all the way down to pre-weigh, heat-sealed, batch inclusion bags, ECM can make MOR-CAL work better for you.