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EMC Performance Materials offers a wide variety of mixing and blending options, as well as our proprietary calcium desiccant, Mor-Cal®. From small
custom batches, to truckload orders, packaged to fit your needs, we’ve got you covered. We will work closely with your team to understand your specific needs and requirements. Understanding that quality is everything, every batch we produce is tested in our lab, to your specifications, and certified before leaving our doors.

Our dedicated mixing and blending capabilities are built upon decades of experience and we continue to invest in the equipment to be your partner for decades to come. We continually exceed customer expectations and look forward to finding creative solutions for any of your custom blending needs.

Mixing / Dry Liquid Dispersions

Mixing of important oils with carrier agents allows for your product to be more easily handled. This cuts down on injury, operator error and spills.


Blending of two or more powders to make a homogeneous dispersion of the materials. These mixtures can then be packaged to specific customer packaging requirements.


ECM proudly offers the industry standard, calium oxide desiccant, Mor-Cal®. A propriety desiccant, made from the highest quality limestone and additives.

This is readily available in 4 Formulas and can be packaged from 1lb. heat-sealed bags, to 2,000 Supersacks.

  • Mor-Cal®-100
  • Mor-Cal®-95
  • Mor-Cal®-90
  • Mor-Cal®-85

We can also mix specific blends to meet your specifications.