Elastomer and Natural Rubber Crumbing

Reducing particle size (sometimes referred to as Crumbing) reduces heat transfer rates, increases surface area and causes the material to melt more uniformly. This improves overall batch quality and consistency between batches. This is especially beneficial to markets requiring additional processes, such as compounding and rotational molding.

Rubber can be crumbed into a particle size as small as 1/8″ (4.76mm). Our wide range of rubber particle size allows it’s use in many different applications

ECM produces Crumbed Rubber for a variety of end use applications such as adhesives, brake pads and tires. Crumb rubber has other applications, including ground cover under playground equipment, running track material, and as a soil additive in sports and playing fields. Other uses for crumb rubber include molded rubber products (e.g., carpet underlay, dock bumpers, patio decks, railroad crossing blocks and movable speed bumps); new tire manufacturing; automotive parts such as brake pads and shoes.

Reducing a raw materials particle size delivers a wide variety of benefits to our customers. Our proprietary reduction process provides a homogenous, uniform and consistent product that is highly resistant to agglomeration. With custom packaging options, your material will be packaged to meet your specific needs, so each batch can be easily executed.


Pulverizing your material can offer substantial savings in both mix time and batch accuracy.

The finished material can be custom packaged to fit your specific batch mixing needs. However, the most common packaging is Poly or Batch Inclusion, heat sealed, pre-weigh bags. Individual packages can range from 1lb. pre-weighs to 2000lb. Supersacks.

Whether you are looking to have your material broken up from a trip across the ocean, or you need to meet a specific particle size, we can help. If you have a formula that calls for a particle size less than 45 microns (link to micron comparison chart), please contact us by email or call us directly to discuss your needs.