• Edward C. Morris founded E.C. Morris Corp. (“E.C. Morris”) in 1978. He initially leased space and operated in a mothballed Rubbermaid facility in Wooster, Ohio, before building a brand-new state of the art manufacturing facility (40,000 square feet) in Wadsworth, Ohio in 1988.
  • During the Summer of 2010, E.C. Morris Corp. transitioned into ECM Chemicals LLC following the downturn in the economy as a result of the the Great Recession.
  • In 2014, Morris decided to sell the Wadsworth facility and move the business to Medina, Ohio where it presently operates.
  • During the Summer of 2019, the assets of ECM Chemicals LLC were acquired by ECM Performance Materials Corp. which is owned and controlled by Magna Saxum Group LLC.
  • Despite no longer being active in the day to day operations, Mr. Morris continues to serve as a key advisor to the new management team led by Kevin Lamarr Jones, President & CEO.

Leadership Team

Kevin Lamarr Jones

Kevin Lamarr Jones is President & CEO of ECM Performance Materials Corp. He has been active in private equity, M&A advisory, Investment Banking, corporate finance, and an entrepreneur since the late 1980’s. Mr. Jones is co-founder of Magna Saxum Group LLC, a private investment firm targeting middle market industrial companies.

Brock C. Jones

Director of Business Development

James Lawrence

Plant Manager

Lisa Wenz

Operations Manager